Liberman 5th Anniversary!

October 23, 2020

Named after my maternal Grandfather, Liberman was our families last name and was changed to Lee for reasons that vary from family member to family member. My grandpa was a shirt designer and had a store in NYC. My middle name is Lee. This album was mostly written while I stared at this huge oil painting he painted in the 60’s. He was a prolific and talented painter. His sense of color was mesmerizing and the album ended up being a “seance album”. This music is meant to be a brain bath. It pulls you in to its soft colors and there is an underlying darkness that balances the light. Steve Osborne was at the helm and is exquisite when it comes to creating this balance. We recorded the bulk of this record in Box England at Real World Studios and I finished it in Nashville with one of my favorite recording wizards, Adam Landry, at Playground Sound. John McCauley contributed his gorgeous guitar work throughout and played piano and wrote the music for the album closer Ascension. I’m grateful that music never dies, especially the type of music that keeps me alive.

Click here for the video.

Video art by Tina Ibanez
Album art by Joe Ratcliffe